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Fog Creek Nailed Enterprise Mercurial Needs With Kiln

Today, purely out of boredom, I created a trial Kiln account. Fog Creek is well known for pampering programmers, I wanted to see how they built an offering out of Mercurial. If you are reading this, there is a 90% chance that you found my site via Google while searching for something Mercurial related. Yes, […]

Getting Into Android – Finally

I stumbled across some news that made my mostly overcast/cloudy afternoon an absolute delight. Tim Bray has joined Google as the resident android pundit. The gloves come off, immediately out of the gate, quoting his blog: The iPhone vision of the mobile Internet’s future omits controversy, sex, and freedom, but includes strict limits on who […]

144 Petabytes On Compact Flash (Yes, Just One!)

You did not misread the title, its not 1.44 petabytes, its 144 (as in 12×12) on a single CF card. Read more about it here. It will still limp along at an unimpressive 32MB/sec (well, for CF, that is rather impressive) according to the CF 5.0 specification CAUTION: LINK LEADS TO AN ANGRY FRUIT SALAD. […]

Raw Therapee Becomes Free Software

In case you have not heard (this was covered on Slashdot and I’m sure the rest), Raw Therapee is now available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (Version 3 or later). Other than wishing it was GPL V2 or later, I’m really excited about this. Even though I have the option, I […]

Skype To Open Its Linux Client?

I came across this while reading my e-mail this morning and almost lost a mouth full of coffee. The last time that happened, Microsoft had just sent patches to the Linux kernel mailing list. It appears that soon (as in very soon), I’ll be able to actually get rid of the only copy of Windows […]

WordPress 2.8 Just “Feels Good”

I usually cringe with automatic updates to anything, however I have no problem auto-updating WordPress after pulling a backup. I pulled in 2.8 today and to my amazement, it looked like nothing had changed. Then, since I was logged in anyway, I stole five minutes of time to add my StackOverflow stats to the side […]

Two months with

In case you did not notice, this site is now served by I moved Echoreply because my other network is undergoing drastic changes (all for the better), the problem is e-mail reliability. Even if I used Google for my domain e-mail (which I do not), having both DNS servers in one place was a […]

Cisco Settles With The Free Software Foundation

Brett Smith, licensing engineer for the FSF writes: BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA — Wednesday, May 20, 2009 — The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Cisco Systems, Inc. are pleased to announce that they have reached a joint agreement. Under the agreement, the FSF has agreed to dismiss its lawsuit against Cisco.

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