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Yahoo BOSS – good move

If you have not heard, Yahoo wants you to take full advantage of their search API without the need to give any credit. BOSS (or Build your own search service) allows developers access to the Yahoo index, use of the ranking and relevancy algorithms and more. You can use it to build anything you like, […]

Icahn, knock it off.

Icahn is at it again, this time he’s [really] trying to unseat the Yahoo board. Insanity is best defined as doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results. Tell me Carl, does that make you nuts or determined? So, Carl .. in two years will we all be reciting “Ballmer flew and Icahn knew! […]

Hello, Yahoo

I’ve begun using Yahoo for all that I can in an effort to help them resist a hostile takeover by Microsoft. What am I doing? Using Yahoo more Favoring ads to neat geek stuff served by Yahoo Asking my friends to stop using Microsoft products (that’s nothing new) I don’t want to see Microsoft advance […]

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