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144 Petabytes On Compact Flash (Yes, Just One!)

You did not misread the title, its not 1.44 petabytes, its 144 (as in 12×12) on a single CF card. Read more about it here. It will still limp along at an unimpressive 32MB/sec (well, for CF, that is rather impressive) according to the CF 5.0 specification CAUTION: LINK LEADS TO AN ANGRY FRUIT SALAD. […]

Almost Paravirtualized Introspection, But Not Quite

In the world of Virtualization, introspection refers to examining the memory of a running guest from the privileged domain at key addresses. For instance, if you know where to find the running kernel task structure, you can read it while the guest is completely oblivious that you are doing so. In other words, it allows […]

But I Just HAD A Vacation!

For the second time in a week, I forgot where I put something and then forgot what I was looking for, while looking for whatever it was that I lost. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Somehow, I suspect that this infinitely recursive need to recover from one’s own vacation plagues most […]

Switching Types Is Difficult

For the last week, I have been going between C and PHP depending on what happens to be in my editor at any given time. At some points, I was switching gears as much as every 30 minutes. I can’t explain how painful that is. Going from a strictly to dynamically typed language is like […]

Why not use STDs as server names?

During recent conversation with fellow system integrators, I suggested that it is perfectly acceptable to name your servers after sexually transmitted diseases. After all, there are plenty of very descriptive diseases, take the following possible office chatter into consideration: Senior Admin: You, login to herpes and hop over to gential-warts, flush iptables and make sure […]

I miss programming

For the better part of the last few weeks, I have been working mostly on “general IT” projects that mostly involve service configurations and managing subcontractors. I can’t help but miss my nice, warm and fuzzy type safe callbacks, irrational complaints from my compiler and colleagues from various open source projects. Maybe I’ll be able […]


I have finally recovered from a really, really bad case of salmonella food poisioning. I can truthfully say, the experience was by far the worst experience of my life. I had lunch with my wife in what seemed to be a very nice Italian restaraunt. I had a steak with some kind of mushroom cream […]

Better Productivity With Xen, Ubuntu and XDMCP

Being over-loaded with work is a vicious cycle, especially when the work involves more maintenance than creativity. The cycle goes something like this: 15 things require immediate attention You give immediate attention to 15 things at once Despite the cycle of #1 and #2, #1 still persists at the end of the day Even if […]

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