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Time For A New Theme

Since September 2007, I’ve been using a very hacked version of a theme that was close to being obsolete when I selected it. We’re getting ready to roll into 2010 and the design of the entire site is starting to smell like feet. I’m between two ideas, at the moment: Grab the D-40 and go […]

WordPress 2.8 Just “Feels Good”

I usually cringe with automatic updates to anything, however I have no problem auto-updating WordPress after pulling a backup. I pulled in 2.8 today and to my amazement, it looked like nothing had changed. Then, since I was logged in anyway, I stole five minutes of time to add my StackOverflow stats to the side […]

Yes, I’m Still Alive

Its been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I was actually tickled to get a few e-mails from readers asking me if I was still alive and well. I’m alive and kicking, the last month and a half has been extremely busy. There are some new goodies, however! Gridnix is finally launching, projects that […]

Web pages as graphs

Have you ever wanted to get a great, easy to read visual of any HTML document? This is the tool for you.  The applet will analyze the semantics of any HTML/XHTML document and ‘come to life’ as it represents the document’s structure as a graph. The graph starts out as a star burst and quickly […]

A week with WordPress 2.5

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of WordPress 2.5. I’ve been using it for a week now, I’m really impressed. In case you did not notice, Echoreply does not use WordPress in a typical’ manner. When I started Echoreply, all pages were static. Later, after making many (many) pages I finally broke down and installed […]

More SPAM stopping trials, no luck

I’ve been experimenting on ways to nip comment SPAM in the bud. Ever since noticing that Google sent me more robots than humans, I’ve been really frustrated. This is the scenario. Bot starts up, bot queries Google to see who shows up in the top 20 results for keyword ‘fud’, bot sees if each result […]

Common blogging pitfalls

Preface : I’m not hoping to tout this particular blog as a shining example of ‘how to do it right’, nor do I profess to be an expert on the subject of developing a successful blog. I do, however, ghost write for several successful news and editorial blogs and have helped more than a hand […]

More sensible caching for WordPress

Tummblr has released a working combination of many efforts to improve CPU use of WordPress caching. The key difference in this modified plug is rather simple, pages are compressed once, stored and served many times rather than compressed upon each request asking for gzip. On a busy blog (or farm of blogs), this can significantly […]

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