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Can we stop the Wikipedia witch hunts?

We’re coming dangerously close to throwing the ‘baby out with the bath water’ when it comes to one of the few quality sources of free information available to anyone with an Internet connection. Technology web sites have been ablaze with criticism over Wikipedia editorial cliques, broad sweeping user bans, sock puppet editors and lately the […]

The social pedia

I found a rather insightful commentary discussing some of Wikipedia’s fundamental problems in the Slashdot submission queue today. The commentary is presented more or less as an introspective series of rhetorical questions from the perspective of a disgruntled user. I don’t find Wikipedia’s problems to be very interesting. While I hope that Wikipedia retains its […]

All I want for Christmas is free information

Wikipedia needs some help. I can’t think of anything that I need for Christmas, something that I enjoy all year round is access to free information that permits me to advance my body of knowledge, broadly delivered by Wikipedia. Smart people do their holiday shopping early, this avoids a panic spending spree that leaves you […]

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