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Shared Web Hosting Is Not Dead

An old colleague of mine was telling me of his plans to finally, after almost fifteen years of working for someone else, start his own hosting venture. My first instinct was of course to offer this poor soul some Lithium, seeing that his existing salary as CTO is more than triple the amount of profit […]

You May Have Xen – But How About Tofu?

Enough procrastinating. I have been working on a Xen friendly operating system for several years, a lot of the time has been spent waiting to see what happened with pv_ops in mainline Linux. Two years later, we’re still waiting to see what happens to pv_ops in Mainline Linux. Everything else (such as the Xen API, […]

Its Almost Always The Code, Not The Server

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with people who had their web site compromised who named their hosting server as the weakest link. 99.99% of the time, if your site is defaced or found to link to on-line Viagra vendors, its your fault, not the hosting provider. Usually, this kind […]

Two months with

In case you did not notice, this site is now served by I moved Echoreply because my other network is undergoing drastic changes (all for the better), the problem is e-mail reliability. Even if I used Google for my domain e-mail (which I do not), having both DNS servers in one place was a […]

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