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Digesting the Open Virtual Format

After a rather tedious day of digesting specifications, I have concluded that I love the Open Virtual Format and hope to see it adopted widely. Incidentally, if you work with virtualization and have not browsed the standard, I’d recommend doing so. Native support for it is on the road map for the next Xen release. […]

Can synchronized GNU/Linux releases work?

In short, yes but the quality and originality of the releases might dwindle. Mark Shuttleworth (funder and founder of Ubuntu) wants to explore the possibility of all major GNU/Linux distributions releasing new versions on the same schedule. Major distributions would be Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. The idea looks very good on paper. Software developers […]

Storage On Demand – The canvas for sensible virtualization

It is extremely difficult to keep up with 30,000 + web hosts (in the US alone) to keep a bird’s eye view of what is being adopted in the virtualization market. I spent a few hours today clicking banners and digging up statistics to make sure that my “Who’s Who” in the industry is kept […]

A few new tools for Xen

I’ve updated my xmlpulse tools to include some new features, including a program that queries xenstat to produce PHP arrays of guests. Also included is a program to dump guest information into simple bash arrays, handy for scripts. Dom ID, CPU usage, ram usage , etc are included. Libxenstat is sort of like libvirt, much […]

Virtualization does NOT decrease security!

Theo de Raadt made some rather general (and sweeping) statements regarding how virtualization might or might not increase or decrease security. I’m not at all concerned with the things that he suggests. Many programmers have never had to deal with the hosting (IAAS) industry. When you sell access to GNU/Linux (Or BSD) computers to anyone […]

How busy is your Xen host?

Several people have written to me asking how to determine how ‘busy’ their Xen hosting provider’s servers have become. I just love new buzzwords, ‘busy’ now indicates how many VPS accounts that a web host packs on a single machine. To scope out a Xen host, you need to ask them some questions about their […]

Ubuntu Feisty Xen image available

I’ve been promising several people for the past couple of months that I would make a Feisty Xen guest template when I got “around to it”. Well, I got around to it and the template is available for download. You’ll find the md5′s in the directory listing. The template was bootstrapped (32 bit) using debootstrap, […]

Xen 3.1.1 release candidate 2 is out :)

Oh come, all ye Xenn-ers get the latest rrrr-c. (Ok, I’ll shut up) Keir has finished assimilating the patch queue into the new release candidate for Xen (3.1.1). There are a plethora of improvements best witnessed by viewing the change log. I know that many of you prefer to yum or apt-get your way into […]

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