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Pygame Is Leading Me To Python

I can’t help but talk about how great I think my highly modified version of Ubuntu is with my friends. I’ve got virtualization galore, a great development environment with tool chains for every architecture you would want, a nice blend of Gnome and KDE apps, good security and just the right mix of desktop effects. […]

From The Ashes – The Commodore Phoenix

Reader beware: This whole thing could be a hoax, as Martin Decky pointed out in comments. See this, its identical to the Phoenix. This confirms my concerns about the Commodore logo being absent. To avoid linking and adding to hype, the original post has since been deleted.

Fun With Ohcount

I’m sure you have heard of Ohloh, the site that tracks progress and code/documentation contributions to free and open source software projects. What a lot of people (even today) don’t realize is that ohcount, the tool used to track the metrics of the projects is free software under the terms of the GPL v2 (only). […]

Better Productivity With Xen, Ubuntu and XDMCP

Being over-loaded with work is a vicious cycle, especially when the work involves more maintenance than creativity. The cycle goes something like this: 15 things require immediate attention You give immediate attention to 15 things at once Despite the cycle of #1 and #2, #1 still persists at the end of the day Even if […]

Going back to Debian

This has been a very trying week with Ubuntu. I recently deployed a large Xen farm using Ubuntu Hardy. Mixing 32 and 64 bit guests under a 64 bit hypervisor with a 64 bit privileged domain exposed some interesting bugs, such as time going backwards when using the default xen clock source. This nasty bug […]

Ubuntu Hardy/Xen templates nearly done

I’m now putting the finishing touches on some Ubuntu Hardy templates for Xen. I’ll be contributing both 32/64 bit templates to jailtime early next week. I’ve decided that continuing to make these manually each time Ubuntu releases is a pain, so I’m nearly done scripting the whole thing. I’ll release a package with the build […]

Can synchronized GNU/Linux releases work?

In short, yes but the quality and originality of the releases might dwindle. Mark Shuttleworth (funder and founder of Ubuntu) wants to explore the possibility of all major GNU/Linux distributions releasing new versions on the same schedule. Major distributions would be Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. The idea looks very good on paper. Software developers […]

Ubuntu Feisty Xen image available

I’ve been promising several people for the past couple of months that I would make a Feisty Xen guest template when I got “around to it”. Well, I got around to it and the template is available for download. You’ll find the md5′s in the directory listing. The template was bootstrapped (32 bit) using debootstrap, […]

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