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Easier OS abstraction

Trying to update boot menus that employ odd chain loading schemes (such as Xen) with scripts is just asking for trouble. Nothing against the automatic tools that exist and do this, they just weren’t written with hypervisors and other kinds of microkernels in mind. Switching gears effortlessly and without error is paramount these days, especially […]

Fun with gengetopt

The GNU operating system is full of easter eggs hidden in plain view. Depending on what repositories you elect to tell your packager about, you could spend an entire day discovering useful things that you never knew existed. Many of these trinkets are part of (or work with) the GNU build system. I’ve known about […]

Major updates to SRCE

For those of you using SRCE, there are many updates available. SRCE may soon find its way to being included in several popular GNU/Linux distributions, so I’ve taken the past few weeks to try and properize everything. SRCE is also (very soon) to be included with GNUPanel to provide OS abstration and a control mechanism […]

Sharesource looks rather promising

I had a chat today with Tim Groeneveld, the creator of Sharesource, a new kid on the block in the city of distributed collaboration tools that are offered as a service. I wasn’t simply slinking around the sourceosphere in search of the next big thing to emerge, I was looking for a Mercurial friendly service […]

A few new tools for Xen

I’ve updated my xmlpulse tools to include some new features, including a program that queries xenstat to produce PHP arrays of guests. Also included is a program to dump guest information into simple bash arrays, handy for scripts. Dom ID, CPU usage, ram usage , etc are included. Libxenstat is sort of like libvirt, much […]

What happened to small business networking?

Contextual ads have a place in life (and on web pages). If you are among the lucky few who drew an actual human being to your web site or blog, you’ve managed to capture their attention in some way. Contextual ads allow you to place little boxes on your web site in places that you […]

The Blog Capacitor

How would you like a free service that let you easily show all revisions and edits (versions) of your blog posts? I would. Blogging software (even the all mighty WordPress) does not come ‘out of the box’ with extensive version control. How would you like to never worry about losing your database ever again? Read […]

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