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The Difference Between Temperament And Wisdom

This is a quickie Temperament: Knowing that you lack experience to come up with a solution to a given problem. Wisdom: Asking others for help. Knowing that you don’t know is not wisdom. Thinking that you couldn’t possibly know is stupidity. I said it would be quick

The Engineering Panic Room

Have you ever been in a situation where you were forced to act knowing that the margin for error was zero? I think that most of us have, perhaps just avoiding an animal on the road without swerving into oncoming traffic while driving. In a crisis, the most appropriate response usually comes not from thinking, […]

All Saint’s Day

So here I am, enjoying my sixth rendition of All Saint’s Day here in The Philippines. The last five years found me travelling to the family grave plot to keep those who have passed company on this day, the day where spirits can purportedly walk in daylight. This year found me home, alone with my […]

The Real End Of The First Great Depression

People age and then forget. That applies equally  to individuals and societies in general, though individuals seem to do a better job of retaining wisdom. The Great Depression began in 1929 for most Americans. By the end of 1930, the entire world was suffering from the effects. For the sake of this short essay, let […]

Backup To .deb Or .rpm ?

A silly but interesting thought came over me today while I was working on a backup suite, wouldn’t it be easier if full system backups produced archives that could be re-installed via the system package manager? This would allow a bare metal restore on top of a base system, up to any version of the […]

Bills And Snail Mail

I realized something today that was almost depressing, if it weren’t for bills, I would get no mail at all. Even in Asia, companies realize that anyone with a credit card account will have a computer and Internet (or at least convenient access to both),  my mailbox is soon to become a dust collector.  I’ve […]

And the package manager debate rages on

If you ask any *NIX engineer what they love or hate the most about their operating system of choice, many will indicate the package manager. For those of you who don’t use a UNIX like operating system, the package manager is the program that lets you install other programs. A small group of developers (me […]

Homeless, from Chicago To Manila

At various points in life, all of us are convinced that we have seen it all. A week and a half ago, I went to visit some friends at their office in Makati. While outside of the building smoking a cigarette, I came across the most unusual and extrodinary person that I have met in […]

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