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The .ing domain has landed

If you are a user of OpenNIC, there’s a brand new top level domain available. You can register your own .ing domain completely free now at A while back, I was chatting with Tim Groeneveld who had recently been approved as a domain maintainer / registrar for OpenNIC. He asked me to come up […]

Facebook is whining

Facebook is suing this site, claiming the site to be a ‘Facebook Knockoff’. If your business model entails some kind of global monopoly that allows you to decide how people can meet other people, your business is untenable. Please stop using Facebook. If this lawsuit goes through it will set precedence that can be regurgitated […]

Yahoo BOSS – good move

If you have not heard, Yahoo wants you to take full advantage of their search API without the need to give any credit. BOSS (or Build your own search service) allows developers access to the Yahoo index, use of the ranking and relevancy algorithms and more. You can use it to build anything you like, […]

Why I use my own DNS resolvers

If you don’t care what DNS (domain name service) is or why its important, you’ll find this post quite boring. For those of you who do care, but don’t know, DNS is what translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa. If you type ‘’ in your browser, a DNS server (somewhere) is going […]

Icahn, knock it off.

Icahn is at it again, this time he’s [really] trying to unseat the Yahoo board. Insanity is best defined as doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results. Tell me Carl, does that make you nuts or determined? So, Carl .. in two years will we all be reciting “Ballmer flew and Icahn knew! […]

All your tubes are belong to us

If you didn’t get the joke in the title, read this. Its official, Google is compelled by a court ruling to convey over 12 terabytes of YouTube access logs to Viacom. The logs contain the viewing histories of all YouTube users. It is not yet clear if Viacom will permit Google to `anonymise’ the logs […]

Enough with this ’2.0′ craze!

It all started with `Web 2.0′. Through the magic of some curious DOM fiddling and clever callbacks it became easy to simulate the behavior of desktop applications via any modern web browser. This was neat. Then, someone decided that Web 2.0′ was a catchy name to imply a web page with shiny graphics and rounded […]

The Internet and superstition

Watching human behavior manifest ‘digitally’ is almost as fun as people-watching in the park. We’ve done a bang up job of bringing real life into digital life (and vice-versa). I was wondering today, how will superstition manifest itself on-line? A person I worked with a few years ago moved his mouse a tiny bit to […]

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