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Some things just have to be compiled

I have a random problem, in particular random numbers. I am working on a re-write of SRCE to fortify things a bit .. and get rid of a lot of ugly code that was introduced when I wasn’t actively managing patches. Humans are the best source of entropy to get random numbers.. the amount of […]

SRCE 1.0.9 maintenance release

The maintenance release for SRCE (version 1.0.9) is now available. This release adds some increased security, the ability to have the scheduler drop privileges and numerous other code improvements. This is technically a ‘source maintenance’ release for general housecleaning and closing of old and nagging quirks. Binary and source packages are available, RPM’s probably won’t […]

SRCE interim security release 1.0.8

For those of you who use SRCE and keep up to date on news via this blog, an interim security release is available that fixes a potential privilege escalation issue in srce-execd. From the announcement on srce-devel / srce-users:

SRCE 1.0.9 maintenance release

I’m putting together a source maintenance release for SRCE that addresses some build issues on Fedora 8 and 9 (x86_64). Namely, I finished properizing its implementation of beecrypt so that the static library is built arch specific. Up till now, the shrunken beecrypt library was included pre-compiled. I might also finish properly integrating autoconf. For […]

SRCE RPM packages available

Holy RPM Batman! Scott Shinn, the author of Atomic Secured Linux has just released a number of SRCE RPM packages. Scott grabbed the latest SRCE nightly snapshot and ran it through his build farm, SRCE did pretty well. i386 and x86_64 RPM packages are now available for most RPM based distributions including RHEL, CentOS, Fedora […]

SRCE Gets its own home

I have moved the SRCE repositories to their own home and created a web site for the project. I’m sure there are plenty of typos to be found, but most of it is done. Check out and let me know what you think. I’m in the process of creating a mailing list for SRCE […]

SRCE 1.0.7 is out

From my e-mail to gnupanel-devel: For inclusion with GNUPanel, I have finished and released SRCE 1.0.7. For those of you who don’t know what SRCE is, here’s a synopsis: SRCE stands for (S)ecure (R)emote (C)ommand (E)xecution, however it does much more. SRCE is a non-blocking microkernel style cluster of services that revolves around a very […]

Major updates to SRCE

For those of you using SRCE, there are many updates available. SRCE may soon find its way to being included in several popular GNU/Linux distributions, so I’ve taken the past few weeks to try and properize everything. SRCE is also (very soon) to be included with GNUPanel to provide OS abstration and a control mechanism […]

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