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Would life on Mars mean doom for humans?

I just enjoyed a fascinating read by Nick Bostrom, the director of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford. Nick explains why discovering evidence of life on another planet would almost surely indicate a very low probability that humans will ever explore space and colonize other planets. Interestingly, if life were discovered […]

No more space tours after 2010

I really want to go to space before I die. I’m a globe trekker, if there is somewhere to go there’s a good chance that I want to go there. Space is the ultimate road trip. To get into space, you need two things. About $40 million and good launch weather. The Russian space agency […]

Laser link from Earth to Moon?

Oerlikon recently demonstrated transmission of data over light at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers. The laser is specifically designed to provide data links to and from objects in space (to each other), as well as planetary to object, or possibly interplanetary links. From what the press release says, they achieved speeds of approximately 10MBit/Sec, […]

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