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Cisco Sued By The Free Software Foundation

I don’t think that anyone ever dreamed of the Free Software Foundation needing to enforce its license and copyright in a court of law, however, this unlikely event has happened. The FSF is suing Cisco Systems for violating version 2 of the GNU General Public License and Lesser GPL. You can read the complaint here […]

Sharesource looks rather promising

I had a chat today with Tim Groeneveld, the creator of Sharesource, a new kid on the block in the city of distributed collaboration tools that are offered as a service. I wasn’t simply slinking around the sourceosphere in search of the next big thing to emerge, I was looking for a Mercurial friendly service […]

To AGPL, or not to AGPL?

The GNU Affero GPL v3 was recently released, a near carbon copy of the GPL3 with an additional clause specifying some additional rules regarding software that interacts with users over a network. WordPress, for example, is software that interacts with users over a network. So are many of the new ‘web based’ operating systems, where […]

PHP/SAAS slowing core GNU/Linux development?

A colleague asked me a rather interesting question today, “Is PHP and other scripting languages luring quality developers away from working on core GNU/Linux components?“. I had to put a bit of thought into the question before I answered it. Essentially, his question was, if it weren’t for so many FLOSS web applications, would more […]

A few new tools for Xen

I’ve updated my xmlpulse tools to include some new features, including a program that queries xenstat to produce PHP arrays of guests. Also included is a program to dump guest information into simple bash arrays, handy for scripts. Dom ID, CPU usage, ram usage , etc are included. Libxenstat is sort of like libvirt, much […]

Why I don’t spend money on IT certifications

Some reports that were recently published talked about GNU/Linux professionals without certifications making more money with less turn over than professionals with certifications. I have never felt the need to waste my money on Linux certifications, for serveral reasons: I actively contribute to many free / open source software projects as well as GNU/Linux distributions. […]

$100 Laptop – A victim of $1 thinking?

I was browsing Cognitive Daily today (which is a really good place to find things worth reading) and happened upon an interesting article about the $100 Laptop that is now called “XO”. If you are not familiar with the XO, its a very simple laptop computer that was developed to enable better education in developing […]

Proxy service? I don’t need no stinking proxy service!

I use free software and have SSH Traveling can be a major pain in the derrier when you are security paranoid. Almost every single thing that I can access via the Internet that relates to money has been set to allow only certain IP addresses. Managing your life while on the road can be a […]

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