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Debunking SEO Myths And Old Webmaster’s Tales

Would you wear a tin foil hat if it thought it would help your page rank? I wouldn’t either, but you would be surprised what some people do in an effort to get more visitors to their web site. ¬†One of the most useful tags on Pro Webmasters is the SEO tag, we’re already working […]

Why always blame the web host?

A friend of mine (and operator of a small hosting company) was chatting with me about a client who insisted that his web site was hacked because the “server was insecure”. Every time I hear that, I chuckle. I’m hearing it at an alarming rate lately, as many people are getting fed up with larger […]

Big, fat, rich losers

In a recent press release, Jonathan Tranter unveils a plan to help anyone turn digital lead into gold. The program (named The Big Fat Rich Losers Network) aims to assist those who have lots of Internet domains that never quite took off. The thinking behind the network seems rather simple. If I have a web […]

Writing well is the best type of SEO

Finding something interesting to read on the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. I find lots of articles on blogs, most of them just copying what someone else said. Other times, the article might be interesting and fun to read if it was not trying to achieve a certain count of various key words. My articles […]

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