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Social Experiment

I’m hoping to recruit some help for a social experiment. You will need the following materials to participate: A semi decent suit (Must be snappy) A brief case / cell phone / laptop / etc $20 – $40 bucks Six to eight hours of time

The Great Microkernel Debate

Its been some years since the great debate between Linus Torvalds (and friends) vs Andy Tanenbaum on usenet. I’ve only linked the debate itself with an encyclopedic reference, the links to the debaters more or less point to individuals as they were when the great debate happened. If you are a sci-fi fan, you’ll realize […]

Too bad about the LHC

This one will be short. Fried transformers, magnets and scientists .. what a shame. Hopefully we’ll see it work in 2009. However, the LHC did create a black hole .. the one where all of the money went. All kidding aside, best of luck to everyone at CERN. Man, I was really hoping to see […]

All your tubes are belong to us

If you didn’t get the joke in the title, read this. Its official, Google is compelled by a court ruling to convey over 12 terabytes of YouTube access logs to Viacom. The logs contain the viewing histories of all YouTube users. It is not yet clear if Viacom will permit Google to `anonymise’ the logs […]

Would life on Mars mean doom for humans?

I just enjoyed a fascinating read by Nick Bostrom, the director of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford. Nick explains why discovering evidence of life on another planet would almost surely indicate a very low probability that humans will ever explore space and colonize other planets. Interestingly, if life were discovered […]

China jump starts nanotech

Xie Sishen, one of the chief scientists at The Chinese Academy Of Sciences announced a $83.6 Million (620 million yuan) State sponsored ‘hot shot’ into the research and development of nanotechnology today, according to The Shanghai Daily. Nanotechnology, a multi-disciplined science of manipulating matter on a molecular scale allows tiny devices to escape the conventional […]

Spicy genes?

I love spicy food. When I refer to spicy food, I’m referring to things that touch you taste buds and cause you to cry for milk and mommy, in that order. I can drink hot sauce straight, I can eat ultra hot peppers such as habanero peppers like grapes, I could probably snort cayenne pepper […]

Robot cockroaches invade social networks

Cockroaches have become one of my odder fascinations since my arrival in South East Asia several years ago. My first apartment in Quezon City came complete with about 300 coprophagous house guests, cockroaches. My neighbors were rather fond of hoarding roach habitats, as such I was stuck with roaches for months. Rather than go on […]

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