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I’ll Leave The Clouds To The Birds

Today marks the third time in one year that I’ve been bitten by someone else’s mistake. I’ve tried several `accounting as a service’ providers and should have learned my lesson after the first bad experience. I appreciate dynamic infrastructure as a service as much as the next person. I love using tools like Xen to […]

To AGPL, or not to AGPL?

The GNU Affero GPL v3 was recently released, a near carbon copy of the GPL3 with an additional clause specifying some additional rules regarding software that interacts with users over a network. WordPress, for example, is software that interacts with users over a network. So are many of the new ‘web based’ operating systems, where […]

Hosting control panel standards are needed

Last week, I set off to do something rather simple, I wanted to make a very simple control system for Xen that could plug into just about any web hosting control panel. My goal was to make one application that could be easily modified to fit into any kind of panel. This project has turned […]

Pretty, pretty good, or both?

There is a common and festering misconception that has existed in users of computer programs ever since there were computers and programs to run on them. “If it is aesthetically pleasing, it must be a good program“. I can not tell you how much you short-change yourself if you have this mentality. Put simply, aesthetically […]

The Blog Capacitor

How would you like a free service that let you easily show all revisions and edits (versions) of your blog posts? I would. Blogging software (even the all mighty WordPress) does not come ‘out of the box’ with extensive version control. How would you like to never worry about losing your database ever again? Read […]

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