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Please adopt /etc/vendor

If you package and distribute any kind of POSIX operating system (i.e. it has an /etc), please consider adding a file named /etc/vendor with the following format to your offering: DistroName DistroVersion DistroDomain An Example: Foonix 1.23 One of the biggest headaches for anyone hoping to support as many free operating systems as possible […]

Duct tape IS a fashion statement

I love duct tape. I have used duct tape to fix nearly everything that lends to duct-taping. Duct Tape Fashion is spreading the love even further. We should all be protecting our things by encasing them in duct tape. Duct tape resists most things that spoil our stuff, such as water, dust, stains and even […]

The Roadsend PHP compiler

I have a new toy, the Roadsend PHP compiler. I really, really like my new toy Roadsend does something neat, they take Zend PHP completely out of the picture. Roadsend comes with its own PHP library, which is released under the GNU LGPL2 license. This allows you to license your stuff (basically) any way that […]

Xen 3.1.1 release candidate 2 is out :)

Oh come, all ye Xenn-ers get the latest rrrr-c. (Ok, I’ll shut up) Keir has finished assimilating the patch queue into the new release candidate for Xen (3.1.1). There are a plethora of improvements best witnessed by viewing the change log. I know that many of you prefer to yum or apt-get your way into […]

Linux 2.6.23-rc8 looks good!

I grabbed a copy of 2.6.23-rc8 today and spent a couple hours configuring the build. There has been quite a few grumbles about the Linux kernel leaving ‘old’ hardware in the dust. So what, to my wondering eyes did appear to my old Pentium 4 and 8 tiny reindeer? Kconfig (aka make menuconfig) seems a […]

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