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Dispelling Common Cloud Myths

Is there someone in your office that complains constantly yet offers no useful suggestions on how to fix the problem at hand? Do you wonder if some people just thrive on complaining and tickling the skeptic bone in others? Are you sick of the abundance of conflicting and often confusing information? When it comes to […]

We Need More Scary Movies

Do you like scary, I mean really really scary movies? I do, and Hollywood is seriously letting me down. Compare anything that you saw in the last five years with The Shining and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  If Hollywood wants nerds and geeks to flock to the theater, they’ll have to do better […]

How Assertions Became “Evil”

I’ve spent the better part of two days tracking down what turned out to be a very stupid and avoidable bug in a library (that shall remain nameless). Examine the following piece of seemingly innocent code: str = realloc(str, len); assert(str != NULL); Some of you are probably howling at your monitor by now. Guess […]

So You Want To Be A Linux System Administrator?

I was digging through Server Fault today looking for some thoughts on CARP (think HSRP, just free) and came across an honest and interesting question. The author wanted to know what skills and experience would make him more desirable in the world of UNIX like operating systems. I began to answer his question and found […]

No More Favors To Internet Explorer

This is a short rant. I am not going to continue to work around a browser that does not adhere to standards, no matter how many people use what I wrote. If this site looks awkward for you, get a standards compliant browser. I am also officially ignoring any bug reports pertaining to stuff that […]

Shared Web Hosting Is Not Dead

An old colleague of mine was telling me of his plans to finally, after almost fifteen years of working for someone else, start his own hosting venture. My first instinct was of course to offer this poor soul some Lithium, seeing that his existing salary as CTO is more than triple the amount of profit […]

Security And The Starving Kitten Problem

I am known to be extremely pedantic when it comes to security. Why? I help to safe guard personally identifiable information. I’ve often said that proper security can almost never be convenient. In some instances, not following proper practices is effectively breaking the law (HIPAA). Yet, some users – in particular non technical managers, can […]

The Real End Of The First Great Depression

People age and then forget. That applies equally  to individuals and societies in general, though individuals seem to do a better job of retaining wisdom. The Great Depression began in 1929 for most Americans. By the end of 1930, the entire world was suffering from the effects. For the sake of this short essay, let […]

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