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What I Get Out Of Stack Overflow

I received a very interesting e-mail today from a reader who noticed the little box on this blog that displays my participation with Stack Overflow. I’m not going to paste the entire contents of the e-mail, however the sender did bring up some interesting questions: Isn’t it like Facebook, just programming themed? I heard editors […]

Breaking With Conventional Wisdom – Sometimes

Despite standards, industry accepted best practices, free templates for planning networks and even common sense, not everyone can follow conventional wisdom when deploying a cloud. In fact, at least in my experience, the only times I have been able to do it ‘correctly from the start’ have been when I start completely from scratch. Most […]

Stripping A File != Optimization

It is a common misconception that the “strip” command does some kind of magic optimization to an executable resulting in it running faster. Its also a common misconception that the smaller an executable is in size, the less memory it will consume. Neither case is correct. I could write a program in 10 lines that […]

Atomic Operations In User Space Using GCC Natives

I have seen no less than four questions this week on Stack Overflow regarding facilities for atomic ops on Linux (and portably speaking, anything else that hosts GCC). Yes, gcc does have some facilities for this, take a look at this rather good overview. Unfortunately, these don’t seem to work on most ARM platforms, which […]

Avoiding Background Aborts With PHP

Say what you will about Python being better suited to writing back end control panels that need to get intimate with the host OS .. I still use PHP. Mostly, I’m too lazy to master Python to the point that I’m willing to put my results in production and , well, if used properly – […]

Fun With Ohcount

I’m sure you have heard of Ohloh, the site that tracks progress and code/documentation contributions to free and open source software projects. What a lot of people (even today) don’t realize is that ohcount, the tool used to track the metrics of the projects is free software under the terms of the GPL v2 (only). […]

Breaking Out Of POSIX Thinking

I have realized that I am spoiled by the same standards that I was so happy to see succeed. I hate to admit it, but I now get uncomfortable in the absence of glibc or dietlibc. I get even more uncomfortable in the absence of POSIX signals and NPTL. I then think back to days […]

Almost Paravirtualized Introspection, But Not Quite

In the world of Virtualization, introspection refers to examining the memory of a running guest from the privileged domain at key addresses. For instance, if you know where to find the running kernel task structure, you can read it while the guest is completely oblivious that you are doing so. In other words, it allows […]

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