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Mercurial Tricks : Counting Insertions

Do you have a policy where patches that make above nn number of insertions or deletions require review before being pushed? We do, but the policy is quite loose. Actually, it is sufficiently loose to manage the whole process with simple commit hooks. I was digging through Mercurial today to see if it had a […]

How Assertions Became “Evil”

I’ve spent the better part of two days tracking down what turned out to be a very stupid and avoidable bug in a library (that shall remain nameless). Examine the following piece of seemingly innocent code: str = realloc(str, len); assert(str != NULL); Some of you are probably howling at your monitor by now. Guess […]

The Engineering Panic Room

Have you ever been in a situation where you were forced to act knowing that the margin for error was zero? I think that most of us have, perhaps just avoiding an animal on the road without swerving into oncoming traffic while driving. In a crisis, the most appropriate response usually comes not from thinking, […]

Shared Web Hosting Is Not Dead

An old colleague of mine was telling me of his plans to finally, after almost fifteen years of working for someone else, start his own hosting venture. My first instinct was of course to offer this poor soul some Lithium, seeing that his existing salary as CTO is more than triple the amount of profit […]

Pygame Is Leading Me To Python

I can’t help but talk about how great I think my highly modified version of Ubuntu is with my friends. I’ve got virtualization galore, a great development environment with tool chains for every architecture you would want, a nice blend of Gnome and KDE apps, good security and just the right mix of desktop effects. […]

From The Ashes – The Commodore Phoenix

Reader beware: This whole thing could be a hoax, as Martin Decky pointed out in comments. See this, its identical to the Phoenix. This confirms my concerns about the Commodore logo being absent. To avoid linking and adding to hype, the original post has since been deleted.

Fog Creek Nailed Enterprise Mercurial Needs With Kiln

Today, purely out of boredom, I created a trial Kiln account. Fog Creek is well known for pampering programmers, I wanted to see how they built an offering out of Mercurial. If you are reading this, there is a 90% chance that you found my site via Google while searching for something Mercurial related. Yes, […]

Getting Into Android – Finally

I stumbled across some news that made my mostly overcast/cloudy afternoon an absolute delight. Tim Bray has joined Google as the resident android pundit. The gloves come off, immediately out of the gate, quoting his blog: The iPhone vision of the mobile Internet’s future omits controversy, sex, and freedom, but includes strict limits on who […]

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