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China jump starts nanotech

Xie Sishen, one of the chief scientists at The Chinese Academy Of Sciences announced a $83.6 Million (620 million yuan) State sponsored ‘hot shot’ into the research and development of nanotechnology today, according to The Shanghai Daily. Nanotechnology, a multi-disciplined science of manipulating matter on a molecular scale allows tiny devices to escape the conventional […]

Ghost hunting

Every year at around this time, The Discovery channel (and others) run all kinds of interesting shows about paranormal researchers. Usually, I like my existing job (getting ghosts out of ‘machines’) just fine. There are very few other vocations that could lure me away from my comfy desk chair and fuzzy slippers, paranormal researching could […]

Can Physics un-tangle Christmas lights?

Physorg (my favorite site to eat Physics) is running an article about some research going into finding out why things like Christmas tree lights delight in becoming tangled and knotty. The research is quite interesting, it deals with why some knots form one way, while others form another way all surrounding the knot theory (which […]

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