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Avoiding Background Aborts With PHP

Say what you will about Python being better suited to writing back end control panels that need to get intimate with the host OS .. I still use PHP. Mostly, I’m too lazy to master Python to the point that I’m willing to put my results in production and , well, if used properly – […]

Switching Types Is Difficult

For the last week, I have been going between C and PHP depending on what happens to be in my editor at any given time. At some points, I was switching gears as much as every 30 minutes. I can’t explain how painful that is. Going from a strictly to dynamically typed language is like […]

Regarding my php ‘hgwebdir’

A few people have e-mailed me asking about this PHP version of Mercurial’s `hgwebdir’. There is absolutely nothing special about it, it was thrown together with simple PHP to read */.hg/hgrc and simplepie to pull and cache the RSS commitment logs. The only reason it exists is so that I could pull the repo directory […]

Xguests (final?) released

I’ve finally gotten around to properizing the Xen version of my XMLPulse tool. Its been re-named to Xguests and is available for testing. There’s a bunch of changes, I took out almost as much as I added. The biggest change is Dom-0 /proc information is no longer part of the tool, its only for quick […]

The higher level footprint

I’ve been asked on many occasions to explain my aversion to higher level languages, such as PHP. I have absolutely nothing against PHP, in fact, I use it to power most of echoreply. What I can’t stop bitching about is how people use higher level languages when they have no real knowledge of what their […]

A few new tools for Xen

I’ve updated my xmlpulse tools to include some new features, including a program that queries xenstat to produce PHP arrays of guests. Also included is a program to dump guest information into simple bash arrays, handy for scripts. Dom ID, CPU usage, ram usage , etc are included. Libxenstat is sort of like libvirt, much […]

Virtualization does NOT decrease security!

Theo de Raadt made some rather general (and sweeping) statements regarding how virtualization might or might not increase or decrease security. I’m not at all concerned with the things that he suggests. Many programmers have never had to deal with the hosting (IAAS) industry. When you sell access to GNU/Linux (Or BSD) computers to anyone […]

New Mercurial theme brewing

For those of you who have not been a long term visitor of my web site (that I nicknamed “Rose Red”), I’ve been slowly but surely converting many scripts and applications to match my original XHTML 1.0 strict static design. You can see the site design notes if your really curious about what I’ve done. […]

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