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An Interesting Copyright Question

I found these shots from someone who buys unexposed rolls and plates and then attempts to process them. I found those after following up on another awesome find. An interesting question entered my mind while I was viewing the photos: Some of the best stuff (I think) I have ever done lives on unprocessed rolls […]

Raw Therapee Becomes Free Software

In case you have not heard (this was covered on Slashdot and I’m sure the rest), Raw Therapee is now available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (Version 3 or later). Other than wishing it was GPL V2 or later, I’m really excited about this. Even though I have the option, I […]

Bracketing Does NOT Mean HDR!

If I see one more photograph of a dirty toilet basin processed via Photomatix with a caption like “Toilet, Bracketed”, I’m going to pop a blood vessel. Bracketing is a safe guard when using something like the zone system (or your own adaptation of the zone system) with film and some digital cameras to ensure […]

The Anthrolight

Meet the Anthrolight, which is just a SB-600 mounted on its plastic shoe and attached to a flexible tripod. If you have been putting off getting one of these tripods, I would suggest breaking down a buying one now. They are great. You can wrap them around tree branches, fences, sign posts, body parts or […]

Nikon D40 – Still The Best Value For The Money

I’ve shot a lot of cameras. From 70′s era Minolta SR series, Kodak “Instamatics”, Brownies, cheap and expensive point and shoot digitals and both ends of the spectrum that Nikon offers. Until I can afford a D-300S or Nikon makes something that I actually want in a mid range price, I’m sticking with the D-40. […]

My Flickr Stream

For other shutter bugs, I’ve created a flickr stream and have been slowly uploading stuff that I find interesting that I’ve shot over the past few months. Most of the images were taken with a Nikon D-40, using the standard / stock 18-55 MM lens. When time permits, I’ll set up a flickr gallery on […]

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