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Should law be taught with programming?

It has been a long time since I’ve seen the inside of a class room. In school, my primary major was criminal justice. I was programming since high school, so I took some programming / computer courses because they were easy credits. I’m really glad that I got some exposure to law (mostly, how to […]

Web hosts: Boycott Trend Micro

If you are a web host, you probably know what ClamAV is, yes? In case you don’t, its one of the most popular free virus scanners on the market. Its extremely well written, does its job well and protects your clients from helping script kiddies grow their bot nets. Trend Micro wants to wield its […]

Bye bye Sourceforge

Today I received the following in a footer from the OpenSSI development mailing list, hosted at Sourceforge: ————————————————————————- This email is sponsored by: Microsoft Defy all challenges. Microsoft(R) Visual Studio 2008. vse0120000070mrt/direct/01/ _______________________________________________ ssic-linux-devel mailing list ssic-linux-devel Is it absolutely necessary to promote the biggest patent fiends in history to your […]

On fire ants and patents

The latest lawsuits against Red Hat and Novell for patent violations really have me thinking. The thoughts that I’m the most ‘stuck on’ surround the logistics of getting rid of software patents as a matter of law. Even if Congress wanted to do it, could they? Many, many, many software patents exist. Lets just call […]

RedHat has a headache

Here we go, bravely into the world of dollar sharks and misnomers. A company named IP Innovation, LLC has filed suit against Red Hat and Novell claiming infringement on U.S. Patent 5,072,412 in a Texas court of law. This comes literally ‘on the heels’ of Red Hat proclaiming itself to be immune to such litigation, […]

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