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What happened to GRSH?

A dozen or so people have written in to ask me what happened to GRSH (Gridnix Shell), our souped up version of dash with special built-ins for ease of clustering. I took the repository down, I’ll explain why. GRSH started out using the POSIX compliant mini shell, dash, which is distributed under the less restrictive […]

Why I don’t spend money on IT certifications

Some reports that were recently published talked about GNU/Linux professionals without certifications making more money with less turn over than professionals with certifications. I have never felt the need to waste my money on Linux certifications, for serveral reasons: I actively contribute to many free / open source software projects as well as GNU/Linux distributions. […]

CK patchset is not “quite” dead :)

I was avoiding doing what I really should have been doing today by reading some of the Linux-centric newsgroups that I enjoy. I was very pleased to learn that some good natured Gentoo users are trying with all of their might to keep the (now famous) CK patch set alive and kicking. Get the patch […]

/etc well tamed with Mercurial + ext3cow

Needing to fix something because someone else fixed something is just a part of being a system administrator. For years, I have tried various methods of controlling /etc to combat brain dead programs that modify things in /etc, as well as mindless admins who believe everything that some tutorial found via some search engine tells […]

PHP Glue – Install Applications Easily Without Fantastico

I’ve been sitting on the domain for over a year while wondering what in the heck I want to do with it. I often register domain names because they are interesting without much of a plan of what to do with the domain once registered. Quite a bit of my time lately has gone […]

The beauty of patches

There seems to be quite an uproar over the future of the Linux kernel. In particular, the adversity that Con Kolivas met when sending in his scheduler patches for main stream inclusion. Apparently, its causing quite a few rifts (and nastygrams) for and between Kernel developers. I, frankly, don’t get it. Well, I kind of […]

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