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But I Just HAD A Vacation!

For the second time in a week, I forgot where I put something and then forgot what I was looking for, while looking for whatever it was that I lost. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Somehow, I suspect that this infinitely recursive need to recover from one’s own vacation plagues most […]

Eat Bulaga! An example most broadcasters should follow

I do not watch much broadcast TV. Quite frankly, most broadcast TV sucks. I’ve been in The Philippines for almost four years and have given up on HBO Asia, HBO seems to assume that most people living in Asia are criminals who will ‘pirate’ all broadcasts, so they feed us 20 year old B movies.

Teach with free community soup

There is a rather insightful submission climbing its way through the Slashdot Fire Hose today, an educator has found himself without the funds needed to purchase proprietary graphics design software needed to teach his classes. The educator seems rather insightful, asking if such a predicament may be for the better, citing the fact that non-free, […]

Spicy genes?

I love spicy food. When I refer to spicy food, I’m referring to things that touch you taste buds and cause you to cry for milk and mommy, in that order. I can drink hot sauce straight, I can eat ultra hot peppers such as habanero peppers like grapes, I could probably snort cayenne pepper […]

Recalling my recent toy shopping

Our daughter turns 2 years old tomorrow. Yesterday, we went out to buy some birthday presents. To find out what interests our child, we take her to several toy stores and turn her loose. She’ll run through every isle making mental notes then return to several places once she’s completed her first ‘sweep’. I have […]

I saw the world break today

Today, I saw the world come to an end while I was shopping with my daughter in a book store. Specifically, I saw a globe go tumbling off of a shelf and then re-orient itself in smaller pieces on the store floor. I was carrying my daughter so that she could check out the inflatable […]

Oh, sugar

Our daughter is extremely active. We learned very early that sugar for her was a really bad idea. This morning, she found a stash of lolly pops left by the pizza guy. She had to have one, she got one and she got it in her mouth (unwrapped) faster than we could realize what was […]

Parents, Halloween is near :)

October 31′st is nearly here. Your kids are seeking to gorge on anything that tastes good. Why not throw a Halloween party for the neighborhood? You’ll need to arm yourselves, kids demand constant entertainment. So, what to do? Go back to Baltimore, hon, and check out Edgar Allen Poe. One of my favorite things to […]

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