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The Perils Of “Academic Outsourcing”

I’ve been having a very interesting discussion with a California CS professor. I happened to catch one of his students red handed putting their homework out for bid on a freelance programmer service. The irony is, the assignment was so simple that a quick search on any search engine would yield over twenty ways to […]

The science of insider fraud

IT Wire is running something neat today, researchers in Australia have combined efforts to automate the process of detecting (internal) employee fraud. This research is of particular interest to any company that enjoys a decentralized structure that enables employees to work from home via the Internet. To explain why this sort of research is so […]

Net industries are shifting away from outsourcing

I’m a freelance consultant, technically, I am ‘outsourced help’. I’m starting to see a trend (at least in the ISP / hosting industries) to shift away from outsourced help and hire people in-house. I still get work, not many people know how to do what I do. The freelancing industry leaves you with a feast […]

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