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New names for the OLPC?

Now that Microsoft XP is the new `official’ operating system for the OLPC units, I suspect that the meaning behind the OLPC acronym or the acronym itself will change. Some suggestions are already floating around: OLPC -> One License Per Child OBSPC -> One Blue Screen Per Child OBNPC -> One Botnet Node Per Child

More OLPC uproar

I think its safe to say that most ideas are great until implemented by human beings. Once again, the Free/Open source community is up in arms over Microsoft products (optionally) shipping on the one laptop per child. The resignation of OLPC’s chief software architect Walter Bender shows a clear and broadening difference of opinion and […]

OLPC can work, if we work.

OLPC = One Laptop Per Child, for the current-tech-events impaired There is a proverbial ego storm raining fud all over the Internet, its been pouring now for about two days. I am sad to see that (for many) the need to express our ideals is usurping our desire to consider solutions. People are in an […]

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