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Overhaul in progress

The latest WordPress / Plugin update was a bit more than my old, extremely hacked Performancing theme (from 2006) could handle. The resulting mess was so unbearable that I felt compelled to switch to the new stock theme. I’ve been putting off a complete overhaul of this site for far too long. As it happens, […]

Strange G-Mail Delays

This morning, I began noticing that e-mail was being delivered up to several days late via G-Mail. I haven’t seen anything on Google’s blogs or updates regarding it, so I’m guessing that I’m the beneficiary of a very minor and localized bug. How fortunate for me. If you have been sending e-mail to my G-Mail […]

What I Think Of Assange

At this point, my thoughts most likely dwindle on becoming obsolete, but I’ll post them anyway. When a sensational glob of information is posted, I’m thrown back to the Nixon era. George Wiley is technically my uncle, though, unfortunately he met his demise long before our familial relationship began. When I hear the word “scandal”, […]

What Is Vendor Lock-in?

After weeks of searching, you finally found it .. the killer application that adapts to your business perfectly and requires a minimal initial investment in the form of a license fee. You can’t wait to seal the deal, your job is about to become infinitely easier because support will be handled by the vendor. The […]

How To Get Out Of Talking

It happens to all of us. Sooner or later, you will be forced to compose audible grunts into meaningful sequences and transmit them over the slower than snail speed of sound. Additionally, you must block until receiving an ACK over the same medium, often requesting even more transformation of thoughts into similar mutually understood grunts. […]

Crap. I’m Growing Man Boobs!

McDonalds: its been real, its been fun, but I think we need to see other people. I lightly” pulled a muscle in my chest today while averting a fall due to not watching where I was going. A little while ago, I was rubbing the sore spot and noticed something I had not noticed before […]

I’ll Leave The Clouds To The Birds

Today marks the third time in one year that I’ve been bitten by someone else’s mistake. I’ve tried several `accounting as a service’ providers and should have learned my lesson after the first bad experience. I appreciate dynamic infrastructure as a service as much as the next person. I love using tools like Xen to […]

Broken Towels

I try to be tolerant, patient and understanding. I try, very very hard to not let trivial and mundane set backs influence the quality of my over all mood. Today, I have failed. When you purchase something, you have a reasonable expectation that the item will work as advertised. This gets a little sketchy when […]

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