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What I Think Of Assange

At this point, my thoughts most likely dwindle on becoming obsolete, but I’ll post them anyway. When a sensational glob of information is posted, I’m thrown back to the Nixon era. George Wiley is technically my uncle, though, unfortunately he met his demise long before our familial relationship began. When I hear the word “scandal”, […]

Site Stupidity – Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Read The News

There are some individuals and organizations that should be prohibited by law from making web sites. Just like free speech can quickly degenerate into disorderly conduct, web sites can quickly degenerate into viciously loud, annoying and angry fruit salads. Here’s my morning routine – Get coffee, go through RSS reader, get email. I suppose it […]

Way Over The Top

I hate politics. I usually avoid political discussions and arguments at any expense, much like I would avoid punching myself in the head until I pass out. I tend to follow things related to technology (i.e. patents, litigation, etc) but not really politics in general. However, being an expat for so long, ┬áit seemed like […]

FSF Helps launch Windows 7 – Adds better garbage collection

Hot off the FSF press from Peter Brown [Executive Director]: Hi everyone, This Wednesday, August 26 at 11am, the Free Software Foundation will be launching its public awareness campaign, drawing attention to the threats posed by the adoption of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system. We have a launch event here in Boston on the Boston […]

Cisco Sued By The Free Software Foundation

I don’t think that anyone ever dreamed of the Free Software Foundation needing to enforce its license and copyright in a court of law, however, this unlikely event has happened. The FSF is suing Cisco Systems for violating version 2 of the GNU General Public License and Lesser GPL. You can read the complaint here […]

Icahn, knock it off.

Icahn is at it again, this time he’s [really] trying to unseat the Yahoo board. Insanity is best defined as doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results. Tell me Carl, does that make you nuts or determined? So, Carl .. in two years will we all be reciting “Ballmer flew and Icahn knew! […]

If I Shift A Bit, You Must Acquit!

From the like-we-didnt-see-this-coming department: Good old Hans has been convicted of first degree murder. Specifically, Hans Reiser was convicted of murdering his wife Nina. Authorities had no body, no physical evidence and no reliable eye witness testimony (sound familiar?). All that was missing from this trial was Kato. Reiser, who created the widely used Reiser […]

More OLPC uproar

I think its safe to say that most ideas are great until implemented by human beings. Once again, the Free/Open source community is up in arms over Microsoft products (optionally) shipping on the one laptop per child. The resignation of OLPC’s chief software architect Walter Bender shows a clear and broadening difference of opinion and […]

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