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On Windows 7 And The NSA

I can not believe how many people complain just to be sure that they have not lost the ability to do so. Recently, there has been growing concern that backdoors may appear in Windows 7, simply because the NSA participated in part of its development. To my knowledge, the only back door in Windows 7 […]

FSF Helps launch Windows 7 – Adds better garbage collection

Hot off the FSF press from Peter Brown [Executive Director]: Hi everyone, This Wednesday, August 26 at 11am, the Free Software Foundation will be launching its public awareness campaign, drawing attention to the threats posed by the adoption of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system. We have a launch event here in Boston on the Boston […]

The whole Apache / Microsoft thing

I don’t get it. Apache published its collective innovation (the a-patchy-server) under a very permissive software license. A big and secretive software company used the code, improved their secret stuff and gave the project $100,000.00 to say thanks. The license that the developers authored and selected says the super secret company can use their code. […]

Do or do not? (is there a try?)

If you have ever watched Star Wars, you’re likely familiar with the Yoda character. Yoda is a Jedi, what Lucas might have envisioned the Samurai to be in an ancient but advanced society. Yoda is famous for saying “Do or do not, there is no try”. A lot of people seem to miss out what […]

More OLPC uproar

I think its safe to say that most ideas are great until implemented by human beings. Once again, the Free/Open source community is up in arms over Microsoft products (optionally) shipping on the one laptop per child. The resignation of OLPC’s chief software architect Walter Bender shows a clear and broadening difference of opinion and […]

Hello, Yahoo

I’ve begun using Yahoo for all that I can in an effort to help them resist a hostile takeover by Microsoft. What am I doing? Using Yahoo more Favoring ads to neat geek stuff served by Yahoo Asking my friends to stop using Microsoft products (that’s nothing new) I don’t want to see Microsoft advance […]

On tit for tat

There’s two ways that you can look at the rewards of writing free / open source programs licensed under the GNU general public license. What you expect is of course entirely relative to your motivation for writing something. Way # 1 – `Tit For Tat’ (somewhat coined by Linus) means simply “I give you source […]

Bye bye Sourceforge

Today I received the following in a footer from the OpenSSI development mailing list, hosted at Sourceforge: ————————————————————————- This email is sponsored by: Microsoft Defy all challenges. Microsoft(R) Visual Studio 2008. vse0120000070mrt/direct/01/ _______________________________________________ ssic-linux-devel mailing list ssic-linux-devel Is it absolutely necessary to promote the biggest patent fiends in history to your […]

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