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Mercurial Tricks : Counting Insertions

Do you have a policy where patches that make above nn number of insertions or deletions require review before being pushed? We do, but the policy is quite loose. Actually, it is sufficiently loose to manage the whole process with simple commit hooks. I was digging through Mercurial today to see if it had a […]

Backup To .deb Or .rpm ?

A silly but interesting thought came over me today while I was working on a backup suite, wouldn’t it be easier if full system backups produced archives that could be re-installed via the system package manager? This would allow a bare metal restore on top of a base system, up to any version of the […]

Fog Creek Nailed Enterprise Mercurial Needs With Kiln

Today, purely out of boredom, I created a trial Kiln account. Fog Creek is well known for pampering programmers, I wanted to see how they built an offering out of Mercurial. If you are reading this, there is a 90% chance that you found my site via Google while searching for something Mercurial related. Yes, […]

Regarding my php ‘hgwebdir’

A few people have e-mailed me asking about this PHP version of Mercurial’s `hgwebdir’. There is absolutely nothing special about it, it was thrown together with simple PHP to read */.hg/hgrc and simplepie to pull and cache the RSS commitment logs. The only reason it exists is so that I could pull the repo directory […]

Sharesource looks rather promising

I had a chat today with Tim Groeneveld, the creator of Sharesource, a new kid on the block in the city of distributed collaboration tools that are offered as a service. I wasn’t simply slinking around the sourceosphere in search of the next big thing to emerge, I was looking for a Mercurial friendly service […]

GNU Panel 0.2.3 is out :)

I’m excited and pleased to announce that GNU Panel (a free web hosting automation system) version 0.2.3 is out, and that the official Mercurial repositories have been created! A very special thanks to Serverbalance for giving us room to host our Xen farm. GNU Panel now features a dialog based installer, much easier to use […]

New Mercurial theme brewing

For those of you who have not been a long term visitor of my web site (that I nicknamed “Rose Red”), I’ve been slowly but surely converting many scripts and applications to match my original XHTML 1.0 strict static design. You can see the site design notes if your really curious about what I’ve done. […]

/etc well tamed with Mercurial + ext3cow

Needing to fix something because someone else fixed something is just a part of being a system administrator. For years, I have tried various methods of controlling /etc to combat brain dead programs that modify things in /etc, as well as mindless admins who believe everything that some tutorial found via some search engine tells […]

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