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Time for more tutorials

I’m (nearly) done converting all of my existing documentation into Asciidoc format. Its time to write more tutorials. What remains is, what to write? I could do more Xen centric stuff, perhaps some bits on how to setup storage servers, roll your own single system image cluster? I’d rather write what people actually need. So, […]

Can synchronized GNU/Linux releases work?

In short, yes but the quality and originality of the releases might dwindle. Mark Shuttleworth (funder and founder of Ubuntu) wants to explore the possibility of all major GNU/Linux distributions releasing new versions on the same schedule. Major distributions would be Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. The idea looks very good on paper. Software developers […]

Easier OS abstraction

Trying to update boot menus that employ odd chain loading schemes (such as Xen) with scripts is just asking for trouble. Nothing against the automatic tools that exist and do this, they just weren’t written with hypervisors and other kinds of microkernels in mind. Switching gears effortlessly and without error is paramount these days, especially […]

Helen, Spartan and Sensibility

While reading freshmeat, I stumbled across an emerging operating system named HelenOS. HelenOS (after Helen of Troy) is a new operating system based on a preemptible micro kernel (Spartan) that has some really neat features. You thought microkernels were dead? Read on. Helen boots on pretty much every major architecture (even Xen friendly!). Its being […]

Major updates to SRCE

For those of you using SRCE, there are many updates available. SRCE may soon find its way to being included in several popular GNU/Linux distributions, so I’ve taken the past few weeks to try and properize everything. SRCE is also (very soon) to be included with GNUPanel to provide OS abstration and a control mechanism […]

Multics (finally) released

MIT has finally been given the green light to release the final revision of Multics, a mainframe timesharing operating system that influenced the development of every Unix-like operating system known today, including UNIX itself. Multics MR 12.5 is now open source. No, its not free software, its simply open source. 40 years after its initial […]

Can’t we all just geek a long?

I should preface this post by saying, my idea of success entails contributing something to the world that is useful and advances (all) of us to greater joy, entertainment or productivity. While un-clogging a toilet today, I gave extensive thought to Microsoft. No, it was not the matter causing the clog that inspired me, it […]

Should ‘dual boot’ be a meta OS?

Oh no, another buzzword? Not quite. I’m taking a very close look into why so many large on-line services have a difficult time identifying the needs and preferences of their users. I’m semi-active in several GNU/Linux user groups, as well as many forums, lists and vendor communities. A significant number of people that I know […]

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