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Cisco Sued By The Free Software Foundation

I don’t think that anyone ever dreamed of the Free Software Foundation needing to enforce its license and copyright in a court of law, however, this unlikely event has happened. The FSF is suing Cisco Systems for violating version 2 of the GNU General Public License and Lesser GPL. You can read the complaint here […]

Thats ‘B.O.F.H., P.I.’ to you – mister!

I was just reading that South Carolina may soon require those who offer data forensics as a service to be fully licensed private investigators. I wish that every other State would follow suit. In college, I started out as a criminal justice major. My criminal justice classes were the only classes that I attended eagerly […]

Domain ‘whois’ lookups to be discontinued?

Anyone who has registered an Internet domain name in the last few years is probably familiar with that little check box that says “Protect my privacy”. Some legal entanglements from privacy advocates might result in scrapping the whois lookup service altogether. Take a peek at the above link, then come back to this post. The […]

My excused absence – busted.

The Associated Press got a whiff of the Internet’s armpit and decided to report the smell. A web site (who will not get the benefit of a forward link) named has found an interesting way to make money, selling days off from work and school. The service (termed a “network”) sells very authentic looking […]

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