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Revenge of the nerds

I saw a re-run of “Revenge Of The Nerds” recently, the gears in my head have been turning ever since. In seventh grade, the captain of the school wrestling team stuffed my head in a toilet and flushed it several times. Not any toilet, a ‘public school boy’s room’ toilet. In eighth grade, an over-developed […]

Spicy genes?

I love spicy food. When I refer to spicy food, I’m referring to things that touch you taste buds and cause you to cry for milk and mommy, in that order. I can drink hot sauce straight, I can eat ultra hot peppers such as habanero peppers like grapes, I could probably snort cayenne pepper […]

Should ‘dual boot’ be a meta OS?

Oh no, another buzzword? Not quite. I’m taking a very close look into why so many large on-line services have a difficult time identifying the needs and preferences of their users. I’m semi-active in several GNU/Linux user groups, as well as many forums, lists and vendor communities. A significant number of people that I know […]

The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

PC World is running something neat, a look at the 10 worst keyboards ever designed. I was horrified to see that my beloved Commodore 64 was listed as number two! I learned how to type using a commie, so did many other people. I guess, however by todays standards, even the Commodore and VIC 20 […]

Ghost hunting

Every year at around this time, The Discovery channel (and others) run all kinds of interesting shows about paranormal researchers. Usually, I like my existing job (getting ghosts out of ‘machines’) just fine. There are very few other vocations that could lure me away from my comfy desk chair and fuzzy slippers, paranormal researching could […]

Happy Halloween

A rather delightful gentleman has contributed a wonderful rendition of “The Tell Tale Heart”, by Edgar Allen Poe. Take a view if you want a little entertainment The narrator had a wonderful time making the 15 minute video, complete with neat sound effects, you’ll enjoy the view. See the video here.

Domain ‘whois’ lookups to be discontinued?

Anyone who has registered an Internet domain name in the last few years is probably familiar with that little check box that says “Protect my privacy”. Some legal entanglements from privacy advocates might result in scrapping the whois lookup service altogether. Take a peek at the above link, then come back to this post. The […]

Does your DNA smile?

ABC is reporting that Dr. Paul Rothemund at the California Institute of Technology can make 50 billion smileys, each a thousand times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. [ ultra paranoid geek mode ON ] We’ve already seen a patent for music from human DNA. Could this technique result in a patent that […]

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