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144 Petabytes On Compact Flash (Yes, Just One!)

You did not misread the title, its not 1.44 petabytes, its 144 (as in 12×12) on a single CF card. Read more about it here. It will still limp along at an unimpressive 32MB/sec (well, for CF, that is rather impressive) according to the CF 5.0 specification CAUTION: LINK LEADS TO AN ANGRY FRUIT SALAD. […]

Xen And Single System Images

I receive two kinds of e-mail regarding Xen. Usually, people have specific questions, problems or errors to cure. Others are planning to deploy Xen and simply want feedback on design ideas based on what I’ve tried. I like the second kind of question the most, the conversations usually turn protracted and become quite interesting. Someone […]

Interesting internationalization

I’ve been having a rather enjoyable discussion with Lorenzo Bettini, the author of GNU Gengetopt and Gengen. If you are not familiar with Gengetopt, its a tool that simplifies generating the code required for programs to accept options. I talked about gengetopt a while back on this blog. The discussion surrounds support for internationalization, which […]

All your tubes are belong to us

If you didn’t get the joke in the title, read this. Its official, Google is compelled by a court ruling to convey over 12 terabytes of YouTube access logs to Viacom. The logs contain the viewing histories of all YouTube users. It is not yet clear if Viacom will permit Google to `anonymise’ the logs […]

Mathematical Oddities

Today I was in a book store, looking around for something neat to grab. I happened upon an interesting display, to the left was an abacus, to the right was a scientific calculator. The abacus cost nearly four times as much as the calculator. Sometimes, life lets you chuckle. This was one of those times.

Abort, Retry, Stumble?

I’m now a firm believer in information overload. Quite frankly, I think that information overload is good for us, we laugh and discover more things than we normally would. The problem remains that our bosses get irritated when things don’t get done ‘on time’. Note: ‘on time’ usually means a reasonable amount of time that […]

Will Google kill Santa?

If you make a person, you must also make some interesting decisions. Religion (or not) being one, basic values to instill being another example. Parenting methods need to be agreed upon quickly by both parents, preferably before said methods need to be employed. Then, there’s the whole Santa issue. I can remember being rather disturbed […]

The future of robot love affairs, continued

John Hawks, an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin (and one of my favorite reads) recently happened upon something that I wrote about in a rather satirical manner, a possible future that prescribes that we’ll be making love (and falling in love) to/with robots by 2050. John also reacted to the cyborg […]

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