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Breaking With Conventional Wisdom – Sometimes

Despite standards, industry accepted best practices, free templates for planning networks and even common sense, not everyone can follow conventional wisdom when deploying a cloud. In fact, at least in my experience, the only times I have been able to do it ‘correctly from the start’ have been when I start completely from scratch. Most […]

I’ll Leave The Clouds To The Birds

Today marks the third time in one year that I’ve been bitten by someone else’s mistake. I’ve tried several `accounting as a service’ providers and should have learned my lesson after the first bad experience. I appreciate dynamic infrastructure as a service as much as the next person. I love using tools like Xen to […]

Xen and the art of web hosting

I’m working on a pretty comprehensive book aimed at helping web hosting providers adopt Xen for some of their offerings. Xen ‘out of the box’ is a really nice platform designed to make as many people happy as possible. Web hosts have special needs that require special planning, a guide to planning and implementing Xen […]

Virtualization does NOT decrease security!

Theo de Raadt made some rather general (and sweeping) statements regarding how virtualization might or might not increase or decrease security. I’m not at all concerned with the things that he suggests. Many programmers have never had to deal with the hosting (IAAS) industry. When you sell access to GNU/Linux (Or BSD) computers to anyone […]

Hosting control panel standards are needed

Last week, I set off to do something rather simple, I wanted to make a very simple control system for Xen that could plug into just about any web hosting control panel. My goal was to make one application that could be easily modified to fit into any kind of panel. This project has turned […]

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