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Dispelling Common Cloud Myths

Is there someone in your office that complains constantly yet offers no useful suggestions on how to fix the problem at hand? Do you wonder if some people just thrive on complaining and tickling the skeptic bone in others? Are you sick of the abundance of conflicting and often confusing information? When it comes to […]

Breaking With Conventional Wisdom – Sometimes

Despite standards, industry accepted best practices, free templates for planning networks and even common sense, not everyone can follow conventional wisdom when deploying a cloud. In fact, at least in my experience, the only times I have been able to do it ‘correctly from the start’ have been when I start completely from scratch. Most […]

SRCE 1.0.7 is out

From my e-mail to gnupanel-devel: For inclusion with GNUPanel, I have finished and released SRCE 1.0.7. For those of you who don’t know what SRCE is, here’s a synopsis: SRCE stands for (S)ecure (R)emote (C)ommand (E)xecution, however it does much more. SRCE is a non-blocking microkernel style cluster of services that revolves around a very […]

Xen and the art of web hosting

I’m working on a pretty comprehensive book aimed at helping web hosting providers adopt Xen for some of their offerings. Xen ‘out of the box’ is a really nice platform designed to make as many people happy as possible. Web hosts have special needs that require special planning, a guide to planning and implementing Xen […]

Sharesource looks rather promising

I had a chat today with Tim Groeneveld, the creator of Sharesource, a new kid on the block in the city of distributed collaboration tools that are offered as a service. I wasn’t simply slinking around the sourceosphere in search of the next big thing to emerge, I was looking for a Mercurial friendly service […]

GNU Panel 0.2.3 is out :)

I’m excited and pleased to announce that GNU Panel (a free web hosting automation system) version 0.2.3 is out, and that the official Mercurial repositories have been created! A very special thanks to Serverbalance for giving us room to host our Xen farm. GNU Panel now features a dialog based installer, much easier to use […]

The science of insider fraud

IT Wire is running something neat today, researchers in Australia have combined efforts to automate the process of detecting (internal) employee fraud. This research is of particular interest to any company that enjoys a decentralized structure that enables employees to work from home via the Internet. To explain why this sort of research is so […]

CI Host robbed at gunpoint (again)

Its been disclosed, yet again, that CI Host Chicago was indeed stormed by armed robbers who stole 20+ servers and assorted network gear on October 2nd. This makes the fourth time since 2005 that CI Host Chicago has been robbed in this manner. CI Host delayed disclosing the theft of their customer’s co-located computers for […]

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