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Xen And Single System Images

I receive two kinds of e-mail regarding Xen. Usually, people have specific questions, problems or errors to cure. Others are planning to deploy Xen and simply want feedback on design ideas based on what I’ve tried. I like the second kind of question the most, the conversations usually turn protracted and become quite interesting. Someone […]

The Planet – a teaching disaster

About 7000 people got a health dose of Murphy’s Law when The Planet’s H1 data center exploded this week. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Whatever can’t go wrong will probably go wrong too. For those of you who don’t follow the hosting industry, The Planet had an explosion in their electrical room knock […]

Add an –inpath option to your programs.

If your writing a program that is designed to run on any modern computer, please consider adding an –inpath option to your program, or -Z as a short option, just to signal that your program ran. Here’s why: Many other programs need to know if your program exists in the system path. Save a lot […]

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