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Urban Dictionary broke my spell check!

I commonly spell check myself by simply using Google. I paste my version of a word in their search box, then click search. Seconds later I see the definition of my word as the #1 result, or a link beginning with “Did you mean ….” that suggests the correct spelling of my search entry. Now […]

When to use ‘a’ or ‘an’

We are geeks. We’re capable of banging out instructions to computers in a plethora of languages. What escapes most of us is simple English. To our defense, English is not so simple. I’ve been editing some documentation submitted for a few of the free software packages that I manage. I am compelled to preach to […]

Abort, Retry, Stumble?

I’m now a firm believer in information overload. Quite frankly, I think that information overload is good for us, we laugh and discover more things than we normally would. The problem remains that our bosses get irritated when things don’t get done ‘on time’. Note: ‘on time’ usually means a reasonable amount of time that […]

Comment spammers hit a new low

I found this in my Akismet queue today: Helga | | | IP: Please, do not delete the given message. Money obtained from spam will go to the help hungry to children uganda Not Spam — Dec 30, 8:58 PM — [ View Post ] Sometimes, all you can do is chuckle.

GNU/Linux user gets a virus

No, not my computer, me. I managed to pick up some sort of stomach bug that causes me to segfault and dump my core every 45 minutes like clockwork. I don’t think that I got this from reading e-mail, but I’m sure that it was a Windows user who gave it to me. For those […]

Where do wits begin?

I caught myself saying something rather pointless today, “I’m at my wits end.” Later, despite painful introspect, I could find no reliable method of determining the beginning of my wits. How, then, could I be so certain that I was at the end of my wits and not at the beginning? If something has an […]

Stupid is a misnomer

I have given thought to our perpetual tenacity to refer to other sentient beings as being ‘stupid’, especially when communicating on-line. Should you be interested, my conclusions are below: If your smart enough to manage to get yourself on-line, you can not possibly be stupid. If you use terms such as ‘r u something’, you […]

On sale today: Love and sex with robots

I’m such a stinker. You can’t by your dream android sex machine today, however you can buy a book about why it will surely be common for humans to fall in love with (and have sex with) robots by the year 2050. Take a look at the write up on blorge, the book goes on […]

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