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Rare Knowledge Is Often Unrewarded

I was reflecting today on a joke koan that I read, somewhere, I can’t remember where (and I’ve added to it): A locomotive breaks down and an engineer is called in to fix it. The engineer listens to the sounds of the locomotive, reaches in his tool box and pulls out a hammer. He crawls […]

Site Stupidity – Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Read The News

There are some individuals and organizations that should be prohibited by law from making web sites. Just like free speech can quickly degenerate into disorderly conduct, web sites can quickly degenerate into viciously loud, annoying and angry fruit salads. Here’s my morning routine – Get coffee, go through RSS reader, get email. I suppose it […]

‘Crumby’ Engineering Shuts Down The LHC (Again)

The truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. In case you did not know, the LHC was shut down again, this time due to a passing bird dropping a bread crumb into some of its external (exposed) machinery. Insert your favorite AHEM.. here. This caused a spike that produced so much heat that the collider’s fail […]

Why not use STDs as server names?

During recent conversation with fellow system integrators, I suggested that it is perfectly acceptable to name your servers after sexually transmitted diseases. After all, there are plenty of very descriptive diseases, take the following possible office chatter into consideration: Senior Admin: You, login to herpes and hop over to gential-warts, flush iptables and make sure […]

My handwriting has gone to pot

During the last month I’ve had to accomplish dozens of standardized forms .. the kind that give you little 1 CM boxes for each letter allowed. Despite the advent of the web and secure socket layer .. these forms remain a part of our lives. In the past five years, I can remember only two […]

A joke that came true – diet water

About a year ago, I posted a joke announcing “diet water”. I did not think that any company in their right mind would try to come up with such a product. Last week I saw diet water on grocery store shelves, made by some company in China. I hate to think that my sense of […]

The best SPAM email title, ever

Short one: This is the best SPAM e-mail title ever: Vandals leave beating animals heart in cemetery. It was promptly deleted .. but funny.

Too bad about the LHC

This one will be short. Fried transformers, magnets and scientists .. what a shame. Hopefully we’ll see it work in 2009. However, the LHC did create a black hole .. the one where all of the money went. All kidding aside, best of luck to everyone at CERN. Man, I was really hoping to see […]

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