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Getting Into Android – Finally

I stumbled across some news that made my mostly overcast/cloudy afternoon an absolute delight. Tim Bray has joined Google as the resident android pundit. The gloves come off, immediately out of the gate, quoting his blog: The iPhone vision of the mobile Internet’s future omits controversy, sex, and freedom, but includes strict limits on who […]

Icahn, knock it off.

Icahn is at it again, this time he’s [really] trying to unseat the Yahoo board. Insanity is best defined as doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results. Tell me Carl, does that make you nuts or determined? So, Carl .. in two years will we all be reciting “Ballmer flew and Icahn knew! […]

All your tubes are belong to us

If you didn’t get the joke in the title, read this. Its official, Google is compelled by a court ruling to convey over 12 terabytes of YouTube access logs to Viacom. The logs contain the viewing histories of all YouTube users. It is not yet clear if Viacom will permit Google to `anonymise’ the logs […]

Urban Dictionary broke my spell check!

I commonly spell check myself by simply using Google. I paste my version of a word in their search box, then click search. Seconds later I see the definition of my word as the #1 result, or a link beginning with “Did you mean ….” that suggests the correct spelling of my search entry. Now […]

More SPAM stopping trials, no luck

I’ve been experimenting on ways to nip comment SPAM in the bud. Ever since noticing that Google sent me more robots than humans, I’ve been really frustrated. This is the scenario. Bot starts up, bot queries Google to see who shows up in the top 20 results for keyword ‘fud’, bot sees if each result […]

So I committed blogger suicide, I banned Googlebot

Google sends me (almost) nothing but spammers who hope to plant links to gain page rank. Very seldom does a Google referrer ever result in a long term user. Usually, it results in yet another spammer trying to plant links. If I write something before the major tech sites get wind of it, I’m buried […]

Will Google kill Santa?

If you make a person, you must also make some interesting decisions. Religion (or not) being one, basic values to instill being another example. Parenting methods need to be agreed upon quickly by both parents, preferably before said methods need to be employed. Then, there’s the whole Santa issue. I can remember being rather disturbed […]

Can’t we all just geek a long?

I should preface this post by saying, my idea of success entails contributing something to the world that is useful and advances (all) of us to greater joy, entertainment or productivity. While un-clogging a toilet today, I gave extensive thought to Microsoft. No, it was not the matter causing the clog that inspired me, it […]

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