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Yes, I’m Still Alive

Its been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I was actually tickled to get a few e-mails from readers asking me if I was still alive and well. I’m alive and kicking, the last month and a half has been extremely busy. There are some new goodies, however! Gridnix is finally launching, projects that […]

SRCE RPM packages available

Holy RPM Batman! Scott Shinn, the author of Atomic Secured Linux has just released a number of SRCE RPM packages. Scott grabbed the latest SRCE nightly snapshot and ran it through his build farm, SRCE did pretty well. i386 and x86_64 RPM packages are now available for most RPM based distributions including RHEL, CentOS, Fedora […]

SRCE 1.0.7 is out

From my e-mail to gnupanel-devel: For inclusion with GNUPanel, I have finished and released SRCE 1.0.7. For those of you who don’t know what SRCE is, here’s a synopsis: SRCE stands for (S)ecure (R)emote (C)ommand (E)xecution, however it does much more. SRCE is a non-blocking microkernel style cluster of services that revolves around a very […]

Major updates to SRCE

For those of you using SRCE, there are many updates available. SRCE may soon find its way to being included in several popular GNU/Linux distributions, so I’ve taken the past few weeks to try and properize everything. SRCE is also (very soon) to be included with GNUPanel to provide OS abstration and a control mechanism […]

GNU Panel 0.2.3 is out :)

I’m excited and pleased to announce that GNU Panel (a free web hosting automation system) version 0.2.3 is out, and that the official Mercurial repositories have been created! A very special thanks to Serverbalance for giving us room to host our Xen farm. GNU Panel now features a dialog based installer, much easier to use […]

GNUPanel soon open to developers

I’ve received notice from Jorge and Ricardo, the lead developers of GNUPanel that very soon I’ll have a new semi-properized set of installation scripts. Once I get them, Mercurial repositories will be created. I’m planning the following: public/ Branches from core developers Main (stable) public branch Dev (unstable) public branch queue/ Patch queue for stable […]

GNUPanel – Poised to replace C-Panel/WHM?

One of the things I have been spending as much time as possible to advance lately is GNUPanel, a from scratch GNU-centric web hosting control and automation system, very similar to C-Panel. C-Panel is a proprietary web hosting control system produced by Cpanel, Inc. Most of us know, one server is simply not enough. The […]

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