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The Great Microkernel Debate

Its been some years since the great debate between Linus Torvalds (and friends) vs Andy Tanenbaum on usenet. I’ve only linked the debate itself with an encyclopedic reference, the links to the debaters more or less point to individuals as they were when the great debate happened. If you are a sci-fi fan, you’ll realize […]

Please adopt /etc/vendor

If you package and distribute any kind of POSIX operating system (i.e. it has an /etc), please consider adding a file named /etc/vendor with the following format to your offering: DistroName DistroVersion DistroDomain An Example: Foonix 1.23 One of the biggest headaches for anyone hoping to support as many free operating systems as possible […]

Time for more hobbies

For the longest time, my favorite hobby has been to find some interesting program and pick it apart, or write one of my own. I’m probably one of the few GNU/Linux users who have actually obtained the source code for the core utilities and modified them to suit my needs. I’ve also hacked my kernel […]

Cisco Sued By The Free Software Foundation

I don’t think that anyone ever dreamed of the Free Software Foundation needing to enforce its license and copyright in a court of law, however, this unlikely event has happened. The FSF is suing Cisco Systems for violating version 2 of the GNU General Public License and Lesser GPL. You can read the complaint here […]

What is a computer, really?

I received a very interesting e-mail from the FSF today, sent via its announcement mailing list. The FSF (and numerous others) are very concerned about the IPhone being out of reach of free software due to its locking restrictions and the Apple developer NDA. I began to wonder, in this day and age, what is […]

Software licenses are not for linguists

There was a journal entry recently published on Slashdot which sparked several reactions. I think that it is safe to say most geeks realize that our lives will shortly depend entirely on computer software (much more than they do now). Most smart people realize the need to ensure that we keep software development as free, […]

Can synchronized GNU/Linux releases work?

In short, yes but the quality and originality of the releases might dwindle. Mark Shuttleworth (funder and founder of Ubuntu) wants to explore the possibility of all major GNU/Linux distributions releasing new versions on the same schedule. Major distributions would be Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. The idea looks very good on paper. Software developers […]

Easier OS abstraction

Trying to update boot menus that employ odd chain loading schemes (such as Xen) with scripts is just asking for trouble. Nothing against the automatic tools that exist and do this, they just weren’t written with hypervisors and other kinds of microkernels in mind. Switching gears effortlessly and without error is paramount these days, especially […]

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