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Load “Twitter” ,8 ,1

I’m not sure why he did it, but someone has created a Twitter client for my favorite personal computer of all time, the Commodore 64. In the video below, you will see a C-128D running in C64 emulation mode. When I see people do things like this, I feel happy inside. No, Twitter is not […]

Web pages as graphs

Have you ever wanted to get a great, easy to read visual of any HTML document? This is the tool for you.  The applet will analyze the semantics of any HTML/XHTML document and ‘come to life’ as it represents the document’s structure as a graph. The graph starts out as a star burst and quickly […]

Helen, Spartan and Sensibility

While reading freshmeat, I stumbled across an emerging operating system named HelenOS. HelenOS (after Helen of Troy) is a new operating system based on a preemptible micro kernel (Spartan) that has some really neat features. You thought microkernels were dead? Read on. Helen boots on pretty much every major architecture (even Xen friendly!). Its being […]

Snap Shots got snappier :)

Snap Shots recently turned a year old. I liked their idea, generating very fast ‘on-the-fly’ previews of the page that a link will deliver you in a small, unobtrusive caption box. I’m a slow adopter, I wanted to watch how things went before I added their service to my blog. Today, I joined Snap Shots […]

The coolest coffee table ever!

Some mad scientists have devised some really neat ways to get the most out of your coffee table. They stuffed tables full of motion sensing super bright LED panels. Not just any LED panels, these panels are ‘smart’ and create a very neat and lingering motion trail effect. Take a look for yourself, watch the […]

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