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FSF Helps launch Windows 7 – Adds better garbage collection

Hot off the FSF press from Peter Brown [Executive Director]: Hi everyone, This Wednesday, August 26 at 11am, the Free Software Foundation will be launching its public awareness campaign, drawing attention to the threats posed by the adoption of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system. We have a launch event here in Boston on the Boston […]

Cisco Sued By The Free Software Foundation

I don’t think that anyone ever dreamed of the Free Software Foundation needing to enforce its license and copyright in a court of law, however, this unlikely event has happened. The FSF is suing Cisco Systems for violating version 2 of the GNU General Public License and Lesser GPL. You can read the complaint here […]

What is a computer, really?

I received a very interesting e-mail from the FSF today, sent via its announcement mailing list. The FSF (and numerous others) are very concerned about the IPhone being out of reach of free software due to its locking restrictions and the Apple developer NDA. I began to wonder, in this day and age, what is […]

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