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We Need More Scary Movies

Do you like scary, I mean really really scary movies? I do, and Hollywood is seriously letting me down. Compare anything that you saw in the last five years with The Shining and you’ll see what I’m talking about. ┬áIf Hollywood wants nerds and geeks to flock to the theater, they’ll have to do better […]

Switching Types Is Difficult

For the last week, I have been going between C and PHP depending on what happens to be in my editor at any given time. At some points, I was switching gears as much as every 30 minutes. I can’t explain how painful that is. Going from a strictly to dynamically typed language is like […]

Please adopt /etc/vendor

If you package and distribute any kind of POSIX operating system (i.e. it has an /etc), please consider adding a file named /etc/vendor with the following format to your offering: DistroName DistroVersion DistroDomain An Example: Foonix 1.23 One of the biggest headaches for anyone hoping to support as many free operating systems as possible […]

Waves of spam?

I’ve noticed something interesting (well, annoying .. but interesting). Every month at around this time, I am bombarded with comment spam that manages to pass through akismet. Then its quiet again for another 30 days. I’ve turned comments off on most new posts, the spammers seem to be more interested in the older stuff. The […]

Comments closed until further notice

An alarming amount of SPAM is getting through akismet. I do not have the time to sort through a spam queue. I definitely don’t have time to moderate Viagra and get rich quick by blog posting blurbs, so I have closed comments. This ‘pay per posting’ trend is showing just how much a single link […]

More SPAM stopping trials, no luck

I’ve been experimenting on ways to nip comment SPAM in the bud. Ever since noticing that Google sent me more robots than humans, I’ve been really frustrated. This is the scenario. Bot starts up, bot queries Google to see who shows up in the top 20 results for keyword ‘fud’, bot sees if each result […]

Why can’t they all be like ectio?

I am growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of people who copy my blog in order to boost their search engine rankings to sell Viagra. I impose a copyright restriction, all rights reserved, for just that purpose. Yes, such restrictions are futile however they do permit me a degree of recourse in shutting down web […]

“Intellectual Property” is a misnomer

I stumbled across an I.T. code of ethics while digging around in the Slashdot fire hose today. I’ve been looking for some kind of standardized code of ethics for this industry so that I could say “I support and adhere to this .. “, in an effort to help bridge the initial trust gap which […]

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