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To AGPL, or not to AGPL?

The GNU Affero GPL v3 was recently released, a near carbon copy of the GPL3 with an additional clause specifying some additional rules regarding software that interacts with users over a network. WordPress, for example, is software that interacts with users over a network. So are many of the new ‘web based’ operating systems, where […]

GNUPanel soon open to developers

I’ve received notice from Jorge and Ricardo, the lead developers of GNUPanel that very soon I’ll have a new semi-properized set of installation scripts. Once I get them, Mercurial repositories will be created. I’m planning the following: public/ Branches from core developers Main (stable) public branch Dev (unstable) public branch queue/ Patch queue for stable […]

My backup enchilada

In all honesty, this is just a recipe for my enchilada, I’m still in the prep and planning stage. My goal: Make a really efficient idiot-proof backup program that (could) use the the features of an ext3cow file system if one happened to be present. I don’t spare a penny when it comes to computers […]

The Roadsend PHP compiler

I have a new toy, the Roadsend PHP compiler. I really, really like my new toy Roadsend does something neat, they take Zend PHP completely out of the picture. Roadsend comes with its own PHP library, which is released under the GNU LGPL2 license. This allows you to license your stuff (basically) any way that […]

Reliable, Available Or Highly Available?

I’ll probably get a bunch of hate mail over this one, but that’s nothing new Many people seem to be confused when I use the word reliable when talking about a cluster of computers, they seem to be used to the word available. In particular, they seem used to the phrase highly available. Aren’t clusters […]

My little license crisis

I’m up to my ears in software license politics. There are many people ‘pushing and shoving’ in the legal arena where free software is developed. In one corner, Richard Stallman, steadfast as ever holding on to the ideals of the GPL. In another is Linus Torvalds who hates those ideals but loves the license. Then […]

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