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Goofing off in epoch proportions

I just finished re-writing one of my tools that will be included with my extended ext3cow tool set, something to help translate epoch (UNIX stamps) to standard calendar dates. The tool also settles races, telling you which file in a group has the latest modification date. For those of you who don’t know about the […]

No more ext3cow journal aborts :)

A good natured ext3cow user named Nicholas finally nailed a problem that has been perplexing at least five people for the better part of a year. Under heavy usage, ext3cow would crash with a nasty journal abort. No damage was ever done, just remounting fixed it .. but it was impossible to build your code […]

New ext3cow tools released

For any of you who use my extended ext3cow tools, there is a new version available (finally, version 1!). I’ve done a major overhaul of the code, brought in autoconf and greatly improved documentation. Yes, I know, some of you might say that autoconf is psychotic, however I needed something easy to ensure that the […]

Whoopsie :)

While trying to get the kinks worked out of an automated database backup system based on ext3cow working, I accidentally broke the database that feeds this blog. No big tradgedy, one post and about 100 spam comments in the akismet queue are now linked to that big inode in the sky. Fortunately, I had just […]

My backup enchilada

In all honesty, this is just a recipe for my enchilada, I’m still in the prep and planning stage. My goal: Make a really efficient idiot-proof backup program that (could) use the the features of an ext3cow file system if one happened to be present. I don’t spare a penny when it comes to computers […]

/etc well tamed with Mercurial + ext3cow

Needing to fix something because someone else fixed something is just a part of being a system administrator. For years, I have tried various methods of controlling /etc to combat brain dead programs that modify things in /etc, as well as mindless admins who believe everything that some tutorial found via some search engine tells […]

Pretty, pretty good, or both?

There is a common and festering misconception that has existed in users of computer programs ever since there were computers and programs to run on them. “If it is aesthetically pleasing, it must be a good program“. I can not tell you how much you short-change yourself if you have this mentality. Put simply, aesthetically […]

The Blog Capacitor

How would you like a free service that let you easily show all revisions and edits (versions) of your blog posts? I would. Blogging software (even the all mighty WordPress) does not come ‘out of the box’ with extensive version control. How would you like to never worry about losing your database ever again? Read […]

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